Are your IDs scannable?

Yes. The 2D barcode and the magnetic strip on all of our IDs scan.

Do they pass the blacklight test?

Yes. All of our IDs have high quality UV ink.

Do they pass the bend test?

Yes 100% of the time. Our  IDs will pass the bend test.

Do they have holograms?

Yes. All of our IDs have high quality holograms or Opitical variable Ink identical to the real IDs.

Do your IDs have the correct front laminate?

Yes. We use a special laminate on our licenses that mimic the feel of the real IDs.

Do your IDs have microprint?

Yes! We print using high quality offset printers that other vendors cannot afford! So we are able to accurately replicate microprint on our IDs.

What is the clear back overlay on your Florida ID?

Florida and some other states have a clear overlay that goes on the back of the ID (pictures can be found on the pictures page). If you are using your Florida ID in a state other than Florida you will most likely not need this because people in your state don’t know exactly what the back of a Florida ID looks like.

When do your California IDs expire?

We produce the most recent California and therefore they do not expire.

Do these IDs have any disclaimers on them?

NO! These IDs LOOK and FEEL exactly like real ones. We have spent thousands buying real ids to improve our own products.

Are you sure it’s supposed to look/feel like this?

Yes! We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting every state we make. We know exactly how the IDs are supposed to look and feel. Please do not email us telling us that the photo for our CA ID is on the wrong side! The UNDER-21 and OVER-21 CA ID are different. Please do not email us asking why our NY ID is so thin. We know what we’re doing! You need to be CONFIDENT when using your ID!

The photo background color is too dark/light!

Even on real IDs the photo backgrounds vary depending on when and where the ID was issued. Different DMVs use different photo backgrounds. One might use a light blue, while the other might use a darker blue.

Can I use a custom signature?

We apply realistic looking signatures to all IDs. However, we do offer custom signatures for $50. if you want to use your own signature just sign a white sheet of paper with a black pen and make a scan of it.  Make sure the pen is not TOO thick or TOO thin. It needs to be the same thickness as your real signature. We will not refund your money or ask you to send us a new signature if your signature is low quality and unusable.

Will it pass if a cop see’s it?

Usually they do. Some customers brag about showing their IDs to cops and getting away with it. But don’t be stupid, why push your luck? Avoid places with cops at the door!

What if my ID gets taken? How much are reprints?

Reprints are $75 for the first 30 days after your ID has shipped.


Can we get different states for a group order?

No. Our IDs all ship from different locations. If you would like to order a bunch of different states we recommend gathering a larger group so you still qualify for a discount.

Can we pay after you make our ID?

No. Some people never paid us after we made their IDs. We don't want to be scammed.

If I order from your site is my information kept private?

Yes, your info is kept 100% private. We use private offshore emails and web hosting so that NOBODY can access your information except for us. All of your information is permanently deleted after you receive your ID. We keep it temporarily just in case there is a problem with your order.

How can you have this website without getting in trouble?

We use an offshore web host. Security is our #1 priority.

Do you sell to people older than 21?

We only sell to people age 20 or younger who want to drink and have fun! Do not email us if you are trying to use our IDs to break any laws. We will not respond.

Can we get a photo of our finished ID?

If you pay for tracking/insurance we will email you a photo of your ID(s) along with your tracking number.


It’s been ## days and my ID still hasn’t arrived!

Chill out. Sometimes things happen and it takes a little longer for your ID to arrive. Just sit back and relax. It will come. If it’s been 2-3 weeks since the confirmed ship date and you believe your ID is missing check out this page for reprints– Hopefully you paid for priority shipping! We will NOT cover your order if you chose standard mail and it got lost.

Is your shipping discreet?

Yes. Our standard packages look like normal us mail. We sometimes include a decoy to fool parents.

Priority mail looks like this: There is nothing suspicious about the package. It does not have our name on it and it does not feel like there are IDs inside.

Where do you ship from?

We have different production locations all over the USA. We don’t know exactly which states will come from where so please don’t ask us.

Can I ship to a college or a PO Box?

Yes! We ship everywhere in the U.S.

Do I have to pay for priority shipping for each person?

Paying for priority shipping once covers your entire order.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

If you pay for tracking we will email you the tracking number when your order ships!

Do I have to sign for the “package” when it arrives?

No, the IDs will be hidden inside of what looks like regular everyday mail.

Do I have to worry about Customs?

Nope! Our ID’s ship from inside the USA via USPS. You’re safe when you order with us.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. An additional cost is applied.


How do I make payment?

All payment is taken in bitcoin or western union.