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Where to get a fake ID? Finding a good fake ID or 'novelty' ID can be a hard task. There are many scams out there on the net who will take your money and deliver nothing to you. It is an invaluable asset to be able to draw upon the acquired knowledge which other fortunate and not-so-fortunate fake ID customers have passed on. Novelty US state ID's are of the highest-quality. Very reasonable pricing. They offer rush processing & delivery for free. Receive your ID within 1 week if you express your order to them. Optional Rush delivery provides tracking number. Classic state novelty ID's are of the highest-quality -- scannable magstripe, custom holos, 2d/3d barcoding depending on card. Very reasonable pricing. 3-5 day shipping offered. Online ordering options are available on the website.

Our Site Is Based On Your Input! Please e-mail us with comments, good/bad experiences, rip-offs, new sites, etc. and help keep this site up to date. The fake ID scammers are mostly rag-tag copycat outfits who send the legitimate novelty ID industry reeling from all the bad publicity given. If you have a sincere, true review or comment on a past experience with fakes, email us. I, personally, was ripped off twice by two separate sites -- one based in Cyprus (or at least accepting payment there) and one from some Norwegian or Danish rip-off artist who operates out of the United Kingdom. Be careful where you choose to buy your "novelty" ID. I have verified that the following companies sent a highly authentic, current novelty fake ID card design for each state, and are legitimate businesses that will actually deliver their described product to you.

Fake IDs Warning Signs - Do Not Fall For Scams!

If a fake ID site is offering unrealistic delivery times, like next day production & delivery of your fake identification card, then be wary. A good quality novelty ID takes some time to fully produce. If a site is accepting only electronic currency like Bitcoin, do not buy from them! Look for a company with a postal address with mail-in forms, accepting cash, money order, cashier's checks, etc. Be careful not to use your credit card to order! Sites offering credit card ordering of IDs are probably scam sites that will not only skip out on sending you your ID -- they may fraudulently use your credit card info for unauthorized use. Be careful not to buy from UK websites, which don't even offer US card designs, and are only offering junk novelty cards - you will not receive the desired product in the state described, or even receive anything at all!

Check out the proof pictures page on our website! We watermarked the photos so nobody can steal them and claim them as their own. We have pictures of sample IDs and We’ve even got videos of us MAKING THE IDS! (Unfortunately, these were flagged for removal and taken off of YouTube) Just search Findfake ID on YouTube and you’ll see customer reviews of our IDs! We have many happy customers.

We know what it’s like to buy a fake ID. You have to trust someone you’ve never met before AND you have to send them the money first. We’re planning on being in business for a while and we NEED your referrals. Our business works on referrals! You were probably referred here by a friend, and we’re hoping you will refer your friends here as well.

Fast Shipping In Discreet Packaging

Check the front page for the most accurate shipping updates. The whole process can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on when you order, how busy we are, shipping method you choose, etc – If you choose our free first class mail you have no right to complain if your ID takes a long time to arrive. We recommend paying for priority shipping to be sure your identification card will arrive a few days after being shipped.

We also offer rush production! Check out our pricing options. Rush production does not get you your ID to you by a specific date. We make our IDs in batches, so when you choose rush production your identification card will get made in the next batch. Depending on current wait times this can get your ID to you anywhere from 1-2 weeks faster! Average wait time for rush orders is right around 2 weeks.

Good For Use In State

It really depends on how you look, dress, walk, talk, etc. As they say, confidence is the king. If you would like to use your ID in-state, we recommend getting an ID for a different state as well when you place your order. There is nothing “sketchy” about using an out of state ID. People attend colleges from different states all the time. If you are in a small town it may be best to get an instate ID as visitors don't come often.

Why Should I Buy From You?

Because we’re kids just like you. We know what it’s like to look for an ID. You don’t want to order your ID from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone’s brother that makes fake IDs in his dorm. You also don’t want to order from some sketchy website and you don’t want to get scammed! You worked hard for that cash. We’ve been in the exact same spot. That’s why we started this business.